Organization of events on the yacht

Holding any event on the yacht automatically makes it very stylish and unforgettable. Port of Cannes is located next to the Palace of Festivals, so meetings on the yacht during exhibitions and congresses will be comfortable for your guests.

Yacht charter

Traveling on a yacht is considered to be one of the best types of recreation. Once you step on board the yacht and feel the taste of yachting life - you fall in love with yachting forever.And in order to get the maximum from the yachting trip - you need to correctly approach its preparation, formulate your wishes and answer several questions.

Buying and selling

Every sailor has two happy days in his life: when he bought a yacht and when he sold it.With the first day everything is clear, but what's the matter with the second?Buy a boat - half the case, it still needs to contain.With the purchase of expensive "toys", spending is just beginning.


TOP 20 luxury yachts this season

We have compiled our list of TOP-20 luxury yachts, which according to our version are the pearls of the charter fleet this seaso


Our team


We firmly believe that the formula for the success of any journey is personal service. We have the opportunity to organize every detail from the very first moment of your arrival until departure. Every journey must be perfect!




Our team has one common passion - it's yachting. We gladly share what we love, what we know and what we know!


Svetlana Olishevskaya
Svetlana Olishevskaya Client manager


Our goal is long-term relationships with customers. Before any booking, we try to disclose the special requirements of each client, which makes it possible to exceed all expectations.


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Since 2010 in the yachting business


We have a team of experienced professionals. The secret of our success is simple - we do what we say. We fulfill our promises and obligations to customers.


we improve our qualification


Having extensive experience in organizing luxury charters, we constantly improve our professional qualifications and expand our knowledge by regularly visiting the world's largest yacht exhibitions.


we participate in exhibitions


Every year we take part in prestigious international yacht shows in order to orient ourselves well in offers and inspect yachts personally, as well as get acquainted with the owners of yachts, captains and crew of the yacht.


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